OMNICHORD Sample pack for Teenage Engineering – Pocket Operator PO-33 K.O!

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P-Lab / OMNICHORD Sample pack for Pocket Operator PO-33 K.O! is a collection of differents sounds from the Suzuki OMNICHORD OM27, a very very strange instrument .
I tried to make a representative selection of sounds, including rythm, rythm+auto bass, chord, harp …

Here is a Suzuki Omnichord OM-27 [Demo] found in YouTube.

Using this bleep-blurp data transfer protocol, you load the complete configuration of a Teenage Engineering – Pocket Operator PO-33 K.O!,…
This kit inclued all Sounds, Patterns, Pattern chain,… I used for the song ‘Comme dans un film noir’, sequenced with PO-33 KO [omnichord samples] , synced with PO-35 SPEAK [spoken words].
Listen ‘Comme dans un film noir’ :
Youtube direct :

HOW TO Tranfer data?

Download the .wav file
P-LAB-PO-33-KO-BACKUP-2018-12-OMNICHORD.wav ( 03:38 – 37Mo )

Insert a 3.5mm stereo cable from the transferring unit (.wav audio file player, PC, tablet,…) to the PO-33 Line input receiving unit.
Press SOUND, WRITE and RECORD simultaneously to put the PO-33 into RECIEVE MODE.
Play the audio file. This will take some time, 03:30 for this OMNICHORD Sample pack.
At the end,…….END is displayed on the screen 🙂
Note that all samples and patterns on the receiving unit will be erased.

Teenage Engineering – Pocket Operator PO-33 K.O! – guides :

I hope many of you, PO-33 users, will test this P-Lab / OMNICHORD Sample pack.
Please leave a message …


P-Lab /

P-Lab / OMNICHORD Raw Sample pack.

After many requests, here is a link to the raw unedited audio files used for this OMNICHORD Sample pack.
More infos – files description inside the .zip file.
Enjoy ! ( 21 Mo)

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